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A Visualization of Sorting Algorithms

A real time visualization of how different sorting algorithms work — no GIFs/videos/java applets/flash, it's all done is javascript. Created using the HTML5 Canvas, CustomEvents and by messing with the Array's prototype. There's also a bit of AudioContext thrown in for some extra jazz. Read More →

Serving Fonts From Amazon S3

A couple of days back we ran into some issues with our externally hosted fonts. Firefox and Chrome both refused to load them in certain cases (I don’t have IE). This post is going to detail how we got past them by serving fonts from Amazon S3 instead of using CouldFront. I’m going to assume the reader is familiar with CORS and how it applies to external files and the @font-face rule. Read More →

Introduction To Client Side Templates

This post is hopefully going to answer the following questions: • When should I use client side templating? • What are the basic types of client side templating engines? • What are the features that I should be on the lookout for when picking out a templating engine? Read More →

A Square Loader in Javascript

What do we want? – A square loader which isn't a gif! A square loader in javascript! When do we want it? – NOW! ( No jQuery or extra CSS required ) Read More →

ElasticSearch + Ghost: Part III

This is the third part of the series explaining how to integrate Elastic Search with your self hosted Ghost blog. Make sure to have read parts one and two first! Read More →

ElasticSearch + Ghost: Part II

This is the second part of the series explaining how to get up and running with elastic search and integrate it into your ( self hosted ) Ghost blog. Make sure you’ve read the first part! Read More →

Elastic Search + Ghost: Part I

This is the first part of a series of posts detailing how to set up ElasticSearch and integrate it into your Ghost blog. The aim of this series is to have search as a core feature of your blog. Read More →